AyamAyaman Dine in and Delivery


Jl. Riau 26, Bandung (FO Jessie James)
Opening Hours: 11.00-23.00
Price Range: IDR 25k – IDR 60k
08129 111 2926 (Delivery)
08787 888 2926

Hello again our lovely bullyyourbelly reader! So how’s your weekend? Pretty good? Mine’s little bit bad, never mind. If you came to Tastemarket (@tastemarket_bdg) last week, I guess you have spotted AyamAyaman Dine in and Delivery, because they also one of Tastemarket event tenant. For you who haven’t spotted AyamAyaman Dine in and Delivery, or maybe not going to Tastemarket, please seat back, scroll your mouse wisely, and enjoy this blog post show!

Ayamayaman Dine In Bandung - FO Jessie James


AyamAyaman Dine in and Delivery is Indonesian fusion chicken concept restaurant located in Riau area, aligned with the famous Jessie James Factory Outlet– The venue simply looks like an unique red glass house as far as I looked from the outside.

Move into that red glass house, I amazed with their simple minimalist interior, with several comfortable sofa seating that also provided several pillows!

ayamayaman riau bandung


While waiting the food to be served, I got a chance to explore the famous Jessie James Factory outlet beside of Ayam Ayaman, and when I came back, once again I amazed with their service, all my food has been served, it was a really good service! And now it’s time for us to #bullyyourbelly!


Minty Colada
>>IDR 23k

Unlike the name, I mean not literally, this beverage also contained of vegetable juices, with a hint of mint and citrus aftertaste, I count this as a healthy drink! The taste is great, although it is a healthy drink. If you prefer another unhealthy way, I suggest you to try their Pina Colada, I guarantee you’ll be amazed with the taste.

ayam ayaman minty colada bandung kuliner



Fried Mushroom Spinach
>>IDR 18k

It looked like a shrimp ball at a glance, served with tar-tar sauce, but when I bit into it, it had mushroom and spinach inside! Well to be honest I must said this dish is little bit oily, but I couldn’t help with the sauce and the filling, the tar-tar sauce is really good to cover the oil, and the filling was mixed up perfectly in my mouth!




>>IDR 24k-50k

24k for 4pcs wings + rice/potato, 28k for 6pcs wings, and 50k for a dozen of it! (Max 2 flavors mixes). They have eight variants of wings, but I have three suggestions for you, first, if you like spicy food, I suggest you to try Spicy Garlic and Fire Drop, but if you afraid of spicy food, I suggest you to try Alakaya! Fun fact, the name Alakaya itself came from the real name of their chef, Kaya or in English: rich!

ayamayaman wings sayap bandung recommended



Red Chicken Marinade
>>IDR 49k

If you are on diet like me, I really suggest you to try this menu. Grilled half chicken breast, with steamed bok choy, corn, and French Fries, completed with a hint of their red special sauce. I must say this is a healthy food! The taste is quite ordinary, but I think they grilled the chicken breast perfectly. Well sometimes you must sacrifice this aspect when it came to healthy way, the red sauce and the French fries come as a savior in my opinion. Yeah you could count that savior as not too healthy aspect, but as far that I know, little bit of naughtiness doesn’t hurt anybody. Their French Fries is perfectly deep fried, and the red sauce is the best of the best in this town!




Vijay Cumin Rice
>>IDR 30k

Sautéed chicken topped with their own style yellow sauce, served with butter cummin rice, and inspected carefully by Inspector Vijay! I don’t know who inspector Vijay is, but I think that’s a nice touch to give an authentic Indian feeling to this dish. The yellow sauce is simply a delicious curry sauce with a perfect consistency. Now let’s talking about their butter rice. Their butter rice simply brings this dish to a whole new level. A rich butter flavored rice with a cumin fragrance. No more word is needed to describe it! Moreover, I think their sautéed chicken also compliment the curry flavor well. It’s rich, it’s fragrant, and it’s worth to die for.




Pasta Concasse
>>IDR 28k

Pasta with tomato concasse sauce, served with chicken fingers. Do you know what tomato concasse is? Tomato concasse means that the tomato has been peeled, seeded, & diced into a specific size (small, medium, or large). Honestly, this was my most favorite dish in that time. I fell in love instantly with the sauce, the uniqueness, and even the color of this dish! It was all in a perfection. I give a special recommendation particularly for this tomato based sauce pasta. The best so far in Bandung, trust me!



After all, I really amazed and had a good time at AyamAyaman Dine in and Delivery. I love their unique concept, they really put a good effort to bring a chicken dishes into another level. So far as I concern, there’s nothing that made me feel unsatisfied here, they already have all the consumer want! And to be honest, I rarely gave this opinion to a restaurant, Voila!


So, what are you waiting for?
Come try and bullyyourbelly @AyamAyamanBdg! Godspeed!

P.S: Big thanks to Oei Kristina (instagram : @oeikristina) for helping me editing this blog language into a proper English way, Go follow her on instagram, her typography feed is really inspiring!


Map of Jalan Riau