Bakso Malang Langgeng


Jalan Lodaya no 42. Bandung &
Jalan BKR no.27, Bandung
Opening Hours: 10.00-21.00 (Weekends : until 10 pm)
Price Range: IDR 7k – IDR 30k


Sorry for late update, guess we’re too happy in this euphoria of featured in UNPAR magazine, and one of our member being a judge in Super Chef trans TV, and blogging seems kinda harsh thing to do, but well oh well the show must goes on, to keep your refreshment going hits, and for this post material, I’m gonna review hidden meatball gem in Lodaya area, Bakso Malang Langgeng!



Bakso Malang Langgeng is Indonesian fusion meatball restaurant located in Lodaya area– The venue simply goes on simple hommie interior, not really best for a restaurant I tought.

As my foot stepped by, I amazed with the former interior of a classy house transformed into a meatball restaurant, actually it kinda strange but I feel comfy when I took a seat there.



And this is the famous station in the house, meatball station! Here you could make your own mashed up of meatball, yummeh!



Besides the ordinary meatball station, they also have several epic fusion style of meatball that I will review below, go scroll and #bullyyourbelly!


Bakso Malang Campur
>>IDR 7k-15k

Several choices of Big meatball filled with egg, fried meatball, batagor, and regular meatball itself , and here’s our choices, well I must said except the fried meatball, this is the best meatball I’ve ever taste in Bandung, I really love the broth and the composition of their meatball, the meat is really real, not tick and really tender!




Black Pepper Spaghetti Bakso
>>IDR 27,5k

Yeah! Here’s the first fusion menu of the day, I love how they mix up a pasta with meatball, and the blackpepper sauce itself, hmm, I would recommend you spicy lovers to go and try this menu, because honestly, I cannot argue to admit that this is really spicy! And to be honest I could not finished it because my tongue has already burned, LOL



Steak Bakso
>>IDR 27,5k

Actually this menu is really the same as the black pepper one, the different is the meatball is changed with meatball patty, and the black pepper sauce also not too spicy as before, I really like this, perfect sauce and also perfect patty! Really enlighten my evening!



Tom Yum Spaghetti Bakso
>>IDR 27,5k

Winner of today’s menu, and also one of meatball fusion menu here, oh my geez, I really love the tom yum broth, perfect! I feel like I’m in a Thai restaurant chain somewhere in Jakarta, It could be more vanquishing if they brave enough to add some prawn and squid inside this menu!




Es Campur Durian
>>IDR 15k

Last menu, and also our desserts, Okay this is great! Told by Ms. Photographer itself, our expert in desserts, this mashed up between milk sauce, mix fruit, and the durian itself, not forgetting the ice cube, well for me, it’s really a great deal, looking the price, for only 15k? Oh God if I’m not on diet I’ll definitely want more!




After all, I’m really happy there’s hidden mealball gem like Bakso Malang Langgeng, it simply recurated our religion about meatball, because before this, it just like several players goes around pumping meatball brand more like a religion, I hope Bakso Malang Langgeng could improving their quality as if my review in above told the several aspect that must be maintained.Goodluck!



So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ Bakso Malang Langgeng! Godspeed!


Map of Jalan Lodaya


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