Baso Arief


Jl. Wira Angun-Angun No.22 Bandung
Opening Hours: 9 AM – 3 PM
Price Range: IDR 10k – IDR 20k


Looking for a street food with a crowd of Bandung student? Well met! This meatball place is a legendary stop for Bandung people, and merely has become a culture for Bandung teenager, especially a high school and college student.

They usually went there after they’re studying, whether waiting for their parents to pick up after school, or waiting for a tuition, or merely waiting for another class, and even also a favorite place to go when they want to skip their next class! LOL


<front view>


Baso Arief (Arip) is a street food concept of meatball house located in Riau district, heart of Bandung city – The outside of the building was simply a tent with their legendary meatball stand. The inside interior was simply an ordinary house with three long-aligned table to provide the crowd.


<inside view>


Looking for the menu? NOOO, they don’t have a written menu here. If you want to order you simply could walk into their stand and ask for help. The price for each meatball is really cheap! Only IDR 1500, and additional IDR 3000 if you want to add noodle or rice vermicelli.



They served several choices of meatball,they were:

-Baso Goreng     : Fried meatball filled with a block of cheddar cheese
-Baso Polos        : Boiled meatball with no filling
-Baso keju           : Boiled meatball filled with a block of cheddar cheese
-Baso Urat          : Boiled sinewy meatball
-Baso  Jamur     : Boiled meatball filled with several pieces of shitake mushroom
-Baso Rica          : Boiled meatball filled with sliced chili

Okay enough about meatball knowledge, let’s indulge our tongue!


>>IDR 12k

For you who still confused what to order, let’s order all the meatball types like me! Served with secretly-damn good chicken broth and light-wide textured noodle, perfect combination!  For me, all the meatball was well-tasted, the meat was good, and