BYB Goes to Jogja (part 1)


An unplanned journey of our writer.
Discovering Jogjakarta culinary and stories.
Curated with several local foodblogger.
(29th May 2015 – 1st June 2015)


I never had an intention to go to Jogja by myself until my parents left that option to me two days before I went there. The Occasion of mid-week of exam and unclear stories about going back to Jakarta seems just reluctant to frown my mind to deny my parents offer to attend my mother best friend son’s wedding. Turns out the bride is @felicacitra , gorgeous fashion designer! (I’ll tell about that later)

I went there by an executive night-train from Bandung at 7pm called Turangga, actually this train last stop is Surabaya, and so I must wake up at 3pm if I want to off in Jogja, what a challenge but yeah I nailed it! For around IDR 350k train, I think this train is too pricy, no snack, no trash bin, bad toilet, and ordinary seat (much worse than an executive bus), but here I am, so much complaining when actually that high price is because I did my booking two days before my departure, LOL.


On time? Nah, this train supposed to arrive at 3.30 am, turns out it arrived at 3.40 am, but well I’m pleased because I don’t know what I have to do in that hours. But suddenly, bro Kevin from @brojajan, local foodblog, told me that he coudn’t sleep and plan to pick me up at Tugu station, thank God!


Strolling around Jogja town in this hour is really epic, the air was cold, and made my belly starving! @brojajan gave me several late-night culinary stop and my choices goes to this Gudeg Bromo! Located at Jalan Gejayan and open until 5am, well I don’t know either I was really starving or what, but the taste is epic! The meal on this pics only cost IDR 18k!


We have a nice chit-chat until Gudeg bromo closed, and after that he brought me to an unbelievable breakfast stop behind Candisari temple and met the other admin of @brojajan, Bro Ical! The breakfast stop is called Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro! The only reason I called it unbelieveable because this Soto is only cost IDR5k! Honestly for me it has an ordinary taste, I prefer to eat their tempe garik, it taste better, but overall it still quite reasonable with this price and better than instant noodle!

Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro kuliner jogja

At 8 pm, we’re off to @studiokopi. Located at komplek ruko Barbasari no.5, this coffee shop once again is really unbelieveable! Yes until 11.59 am, you could have a cappuccino for only IDR5k! At @studiokopi I met several local food blog such as @ceritamakan, @javafoodie, and @streetfoodstories. We had a long-quality chit-chat there until 11am! FYI, Bro Kevin from @brojajan is one of the barista here!

studio kopi kuliner jogja

And here’s the fabolous IDR5k Cappuccino. With special farm milk and Java Dampit bean, for me the characteristic are:

Body: little watery, but has perfect structure!
Acid: nothing, maybe because it’s a perfect robusta!
Bitter: Milk Chocolate
Sweet: Vanilla
Aroma: Cinnamon
Aftertaste: vanilla


At noon, @ceritamakan, @javafoodie, and @streetfoodstories bring me to t Warung Bu Komang, Balinese restaurant located at JL. Pura Sorowajan, No. 201, Banguntapan. Wooho! You know my mood, I really craving this kind of food and really grateful I found it here in Jogja!


Not really great as in Bali, but quite enough fulfill my miserable of eating this kind of food, and the great news, their Nasi Campur only cost IDR20k!


After that Pork madness, I got an unexpected gift! An endorsement from @bakpiapia, Bakpia is a famous traditional cake from Jogjakarta, traditionally it served with several choices of flavor such as Cheese, Chocolate, Red Bean, Green Bean, etc. But at @bakpiapia, you could also make your bakpia mantled with this chocolate fountain! And the price also reasonable, only IDR5k for one choco-fountain bakpia! Besides the fountain, their also a pioneer of online seller bakpia, they have a traditional one and several fusion of bakpia. They also provides bakpia delivery across Indonesia, go check their instagram or add their line id: @bakpiapia!



Being invited by @nongkrong_jogja to join Food-Photo competition @cupuwatugarden since Friday, and found out @javafoodie and @ceritamakan also being the judge there, it’s just like heaven and I don’t want to miss it! Located at Jl.Solo km 11, 8 Kalasan, Yogyakarta, this restaurant has amazing garden ambience all around it! When I arrived at 2 pm, I’m shocked because this competition is only allowed me to shoot with phone camera, but well I already travel several hundred miles to get here, so yeah, challenge accepted, and here’s my photo, taken with my Ipad Mini!


Eight month strolling in Food-photography world seems paid enough, even I’m not having the best gadget there, I still can pleased my foodies’ friend there by being a runner-up of Food-Photography contest there!


After the competition, I got a message from my parents that they already arrived in Jogja, but they were having their personal business until 11pm, so I make a decision to stay @studiokopi, take a bath and sip a gulp of ice water there until 10pm, having a chit-chat with @ceritamakan, that turns out he revealed that he is the brother of @studiokopi owner, and being told that @studiokopi has been transformed into several of Jogja food blog basecamp before they we’re heading to hunt some food! What a great concept right? I think I should open @studiokopi branch in Bandung! LOL

At the end of the day, I finally met up with my parents at Malioboro Street. @ceritamakan said there was a legendary noodle here that open at 11pm, it called Mie Grabyas Red Dipo (Across Inna Garuda Hotel). My parents and I really got anxious about it, and at last that stall was opened at 12 am. I really amazed about the crowd. Five minutes after their opened, their seating was full-house! Seems local people around here also waiting for this legendary meal! And the taste… Amazing! The structure of their noodle is thin and thick, quite similar as Mie Encek in Bandung if you have read my last week instagram post. Really worth to wait off!


Yeah this is the last stop for my first day of #bybgoestojogja, after that legendary meals, we went to the hotel and take some rest. My family choose to stay at Dalem Agung Palagan 99 hotel, I’m not gonnna review it much further because for me it’s an ordinary hotel. The rest of my Journey of #bybgoestojogja will be blogged next week as the Part 2 of this blogpost. As a highlight, next week I will tell you about the marriage of @feliciacitra, the rest of my food-journey, unexpected foodtasting, and also the memorable experience of manual brew coffee in Jogja! See you next week peeps!