Chinese New Year Eve Dinner at Hilton Bandung

hilton bandung chinese dinner

Jalan HOS Tjokroaminoto No.41-43, Bandung – WEST JAVA 40171, Indonesia
t: +62 22 86066 888  I   f: +62 22 86066 999 
Wi-fi provided

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Hello guys, it’s been a year since our last recap about the Chinese New Year event in this prestigious hotel. Well nothing changed, only they got a lot of improvement in Chinese dish but sadly already banned their free flow salmon sashimi on weekdays.




A famous restaurant in Hilton hotel, Purnawarman Restaurant is a well-known hotel-buffet resto in town, located in pasirkaliki area, heart of Bandung, this venue has been a well-known place for executive and beautiful dinner. The Interior is a blast, for a hotel it simply give us authentic Indonesian fine interior that really suit any occasion.

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Sure you want to know the price and menu right? Well for me Hilton Bandung derived us with a really quite affordable deal, especially when you heard several of Chinese Restaurant in Bandung has marked up their price with illogically rationable.

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And this is the full explanation of their CNY Dinner menu :

hilton cny menu


And After this,  I kinda not want to explain the menu one by one because for me all the menu that showed up in my highlight below is really tasty and worth to try, come on dude!




Yee Sang

Raw salmon mixed with shredded vegetables and variety of sauces and condiments, well honestly this is the first time I eat salad with a whole different way, the salmon is epic, really mashed up with the veggies and blend up as a good appetizer!

hilton bandung chinese dinner


King Prawn

Deep fried prawn coating with spicy sauce, dunno what the real deal names of it but I gotta tell you should got this first for sure because it’s kind a helluva of the night!

hilton bandung chinese special


Pecking Duck

Braised roasted duck, rolled, served with hoisin sauce, ground chilli sauce and XO sauce, okay besides the appearance, I love the XO Sauce, I repeat, I love the XO Sauce! It just moving the duck dishes to the next level of foodism, premium fatty duck and this sauce it just magnificent!

hilton bandung cny


Chinese Fried Noodle

Quite good, and don’t know I really love the style of preparation they got here, besides a very warmth pleasant welcome from the waiter, the appearance of the noodle also quite get my attention, and it tasted good too!

hilton bandung cny special menu



Overall, it a helluva plan to having CNY dinner here at Hilton Hotel, it definitely will bring your CNY lips to the next level, the food is great, the beverages is good, the service is good, the ambience is also good, the price is also good, I hereby recommend this because if you’re looking around, Chinese restaurant around you already set a really high price bro, think twice, and book now because once I heard they only have several seats left!

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So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ Hilton Hotel! Godspeed!