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Jl. Trunojoyo no. 25 Bandung,
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM / Fri-sat:  10 AM – 11 PM,
Price Range: IDR 25k – IDR 70k,
(022) 92958788,
WiFi Provided. 


Hello peeps! I’m grateful at least I could spill my passion and make this blog published along with this first entry, Actually I already had this plan since last year, but as usual, life is unpredictable, but still, it’s better late than never.

Million thanks to you, bullyyourbelly could be one of food blog that based in Bandung, the capital city of west Java, Indonesia.  Although, bullyyourbelly isn’t an ordinary food blog, because I will review not only food, but also beverage and the culinary place culture, I rather called it a gastronomy blog.


The first entry of this blog is about my evening coffee at CUPS coffee and kitchen with bullyyourbelly team and friends. WHY evening coffee? Because coffee time in this city has already spread wide as a cultural activity, either when you work on some college homework or meeting some of your friends, so YEAH! Let’s boost up our evening with a CUPS of coffee!


 <front view>


CUPS coffee and kitchen is a fusion concept of coffee bar and restaurant located in Riau district, heart of Bandung city, align with Kedai Nyonya Rumah Restaurant – The outside design of the building is very minimalist, with a catchy quotes on their stairs “We Love to make Coffee for the City who Loves to Drink It “, and I couldn’t much more agree! lemme have some of your CUPS !


<inside view 1>


The interior of CUPS coffee and kitchen divided in two region, the first one is simply a coffee bar whom you could take a quick coffee and light meals with a comfy ambience of indoor mini plant and a view of trunojoyo street.


<inside view 2>


Divided only by the two steps of catchy quotes stairs, the second region is a minimalist restaurant with a greenhouse ambience, make you feel like having your meals in a comfy glasshouse, except for the sunshine that sheering around the roof, you better use your sunblock for your face Lads!


<inside view 3>


Let’s go to the menu hungry peeps! CUPS coffee and kitchen give you a creative complete menu! They gave a nickname for the title from appetizer until dessert! And the price also really friendly! Because as you see there’s no tax and service surcharge there! Woohoo! They also gave an explanation in every menu! So we don’t have to ask them anything, just order! The catchy one for me was their “From the Garden” title, because it’s really describe their greenhouse concept, but eventually there’s only one menu there, Caesar Salad. Geez, they should add more!!




Now, let’s indulge our tongue!


>>IDR 25k

It’s kinda weird if you not order coffee when you go to coffee bar. My choices goes to MAGIC, the blend of strong toraja coffee bean with a hint of chocolate smell and beautiful latte art sadly doesn’t met my expectation about it, the taste was too strong for me, and have merely no acid, I prefer something that’s a little mild and little more acidy.




>>IDR 28k

Look at the whipped cream peeps! Very tempting and similar to green tea ice cream! But once again, the appearance didn’t balance with the taste for me, it tasted little bitter, much more like matcha latte rather than original green tea latte.



>>IDR 27.5k

Bellywellyjelly! (cc: christabelchua) This is my first impression when I saw the appearance, The mashed up of different color marshmallow and emo-bear latte art was made my day, beautiful ! Besides the appearance , it tasted like c*dbury hot chocolate, Lucky you if you’re a fans of it, besides of that, I love the sense of melting marshmallow when you decided to wait until it start melting and half-blended with your chocolate, yummy !



>>IDR 40k

Their signature appetizer, compulsion of French fries, crispy chicken, mushroom and dory with CUPS of tar-tar sauce and sweet n sour cream, really damn whole package for you To Start your meal! All the compulsion was well cooked, especially the French fries, it was perfect seasoned! Don’t forget to put the sauce and cream! They both have a balanced taste to keep this indulgent gave a pleasure in your mouth! Perfect combination!



>>IDR 25k

The catchy title from their menu got me busted with their only choices, well they prove me no wrong! I love it on my first sight, the combination of organic lettuce and cabbages looks so fresh! Served with a hint of mayonnaise sauce, several piece of grilled chicken and ham, they also gave a piece of garlic bread on top of it. The taste was fabulous, perfectly balanced veggies!



>>IDR 45k

Besides the beautiful plating, I Feel Like De Ja Vu! Do you feel it too? Well met!  This sandwich crafted from ordinary tasted hot dog bread filled with organic lettuce and whole crispy dory from my CUP’S platter, and for the sides they also served the exact French Fries that has been served in my CUP’S platter. I know you guys hope the sandwich would be a white flat bread filled with another style dory and also another style fries. Sigh. Overall it’s a good heavy meal, my suggest, think twice before you choose it if you already order CUPS platter, otherwise you want to get a De Ja Vu feeling like me!



>>IDR 35k

Banana, banana! Where’s the chocolate? Okay I won’t judge a book by its cover, besides the unique appearances, this isn’t a banana !! This fried banana look-alike CHOCO BAR is made from a semi-melted real chocolate bar with cashew, covered with flour, and then got a deep fried, so hell yeah you will see a fried banana look-alike CHOCO-BAR out there, served with a vanilla ice cream and fresh-cut strawberries. This dessert gave me an unique indulgence when I took the first bites, very recommended for chocolate lovers! Creative!



After all,  I got shocked, My first impression about this CUPS coffee and kitchen was absolutely wrong, seems like CUPS coffee and kitchen was more like a restaurant rather than a coffee shop, but overall I had a good experience having an evening booster at CUPS coffee and kitchen, the food and price was good, the ambience were epic! As if you were having your CUPS of coffee in your own greenhouse! The service was also very good!  I just hope they could improve their quality in their beverages since their brand image was CUPS.


So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ CUPS coffee and kitchen! Godspeed!


Map of Jalan Trunojoyo


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