Mayfair Building Lt. 1. Jl. Sukajadi 228
Opening Hours: 12 AM – 10 PM
Price Range: IDR 25k – IDR 40k
Wi-fi provided


Hello #bellybulliers ! Don’t you realized this city is like a mirrored reflection of my hometown, Jakarta, but with some of delaying state, waiting for the big brunch bosses who dare to bring my hometown concept to this little town. The culture of bringing my hometown concept about all business thing has been a blood line in this city, a big opportunity for you who wanna seek a fondue of money here. As if this happening dessert place in town. Actually I’m not amazed, I’ve been to several kind concept of this dessert place back in my hometown, but for you who haven’t or rarely go to Jakarta, Well Met! Please welcome the new place to have your new style of dessert in this town, Dezato!


<inside view 1>


Dezato is a Japanese concept dessert shop located in Setiabudi district, north of Bandung city, align with Crumble & Bites – Take a place in Mayfair Building, so the outside interior seems look like a cafe inside a mall for me, with no window so you could take a look what’s inside it.


<inside view 2>

The interior of Dezato is quite unique, with a messy un-positioned squared wooden chair beside their bar blended with pastel color and half-green cushion seating, it seems like messy but trendy for me, seems simple and hommie for me. There’s also non-chair seating in the corner of it, with a green-yellow pillow that make you feel comfortable.


<inside view 3>


Besides the messy and non-chair seating, there’s also a neat organized table at the left side from the gate, and also three- smoking area seating on the outdoor area. Choose wisely guys, because all of this chair was epic and will leave you a different experience! LOL

#bellybulliers ! Let’s go to the menu! Well as a dessert shop, I merely could call Dezato as a snack stop, because besides the dessert, they also served the savory menu and bubble tea.




Oh yeah before I forgot, You must come straight to their cashier when you want to order, don’t worry about the service, your desserts won’t make you being stressed, several times I came here they has always prepared my desserts below ten minutes , Enjoy !

>>IDR 28k

Actually this menu is a new menu, I’ve just spotted it in front of the cashier and I’m very anxious about it, so yeah, here is it! Crafted from green tea crushed ice, red bean, mochi, dango, cookies with a scoop of green tea ice cream on top of it, the appearance is very tempting! The taste was okay, I don’t see any specialty or unique indulgence when it came to my mouth, just sweet and sticky. Actually the green tea ice cream was good, and the topping was all okay. But I don’t know why rather they gave me a big portion or I was full, it began sweeter every times I swipe it into my mouth, so I’ve to drink a lot of mineral water to swipe this whole portion.



Tanuki Complete set with Soya Milk
>>IDR 36k

Tanuki means a raccoon in Japanese, well, I don’t see any similarity about that in this menu, never mind. This mashed up between grass jelly, pearl, q-ball, mochi, red bean, green tea ice cream with a hint of soy milk and melting sugar were good, you could balancing your sugar level by yourself! Actually, the soy milk really saved the taste, it mixed up heroically with their green tea ice cream, and I really feel a matcha taste in this dessert, the rest topping was also good, mixed up perfectly and crunching my afternoon indulgence!



After all, I’m pleased, Dezato give us an experience having a high-class Japanese dessert as if we were going back to my hometown, Jakarta. The dessert was good, the service was great! I merely haven’t wait more than ten minutes when they preparing my desserts! The appearance of their dessert was also great, I bet you won’t miss a chance to upload it on your social media account.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ Dezato! Godspeed!


Map of Jalan Sukajadi


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