Friday Asian Barbeque Buffet at The Restaurant Padma Hotel with The Belly Society

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Jl. Ranca Bentang 56-58 Ciumbuleuit, Bandung 40142, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Everyday, see below for complete time table
Reservation Office Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 9.00 – 17.00 WIB (GMT +07.00)
Price: IDR 265k++
Phone: +62 22 203 0333 Fax: +62 22 203 6633


Starting from this October, Padma Hotel Bandung has new concept of their weekly Friday Buffet called Asian BBQ Buffet! And the belly society fellas get a special invitation to try and savour that new concept straight from The Restaurant! ( Worth : IDR 265k ++/ pax).

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Grilling every Friday start from 6pm, this concept of Buffet was epic!

Here’s the full menu of it:


Starter: Salad Bar, Romaine Lettuce, Mix Lettuce, Shredded Carrot, Cucumber, Edamame
Mix Salad : Doobo Kimchi, Ojinguh, Seafood Salad
Soup :  Tom Kha Gai , fish hot and sour soup
Live Carving : Marinated Australian Black Angus Beef with Bulgogi Sauce
Roasted Duck : Pecking roast duck and condiment
From The Grill : Squid Thai Marination, Beef and Chicken Sausage, Sa Nakji, Dak Galbi and Condiment
Noddle Asian Action :  Lamien and Condiment
Live Mongolian BBQ : Onion, eggplant, Mushroom, Zucchini, Bean Sprouts, Carrots,etc
Dimsum : Hakau, Siomay, bakpao, ceker
Festival Nasi Goreng : Nasi goreng Rempah, Nasi goreng maranggi, nasi goreng balado
Indian Corner : Vegetable Curry, Beef Potato, Prata beef
Live Vegetable Tempura : Eggplant, carrot, onion, etc
Live Sushi
Chafing Dish



the restaurant padma hotel bandung ciumbuleuit

For you who haven’t read our last blogspot about The Restaurant at Padma Hotel Bandung, okay I’ll introduce it first. The Restaurant at Padma Hotel Bandung is a trademark of Padma Hotel Bandung restaurant, located at the hill of ciumbeuleuit, Rancabentang Street – The interior of The Restaurant is really breathtaking, surrounded with the view of Ciumbeuleuit Hill and forest, and you could barely see the breathtaking view of the forest and mountain when you sip your favorite food or dessert.


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And here’s their opening hours, based on the eating concept that you prefer:


Breakfast : 06.30 – 10.00 ( Weekdays )
: 06.30 – 10.30 ( Weekend )
Lunch : 12.00 – 14.00
Traditional Afternoon Tea : 15.30 – 17.00
Dinner : 18.30 – 22.30


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Okay enough with the intro, let’s bullyyourbelly! And if you are anxious about what @thebellysociety doing @padmahotel, you could follow them on instagram : @thebellysociety !


Marinated Australian Angus Beef with Bulgogi Sauce
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Top notch of the night, I even imagine this menu is the whole attraction and you must eat it until your belly full! Because if you imagine further, this kind of beef is quite expensive, cost around IDR 200k / 150g in a famous steak house, and The Restaurant only offer the all you can eat of this meat for IDR 265k ++? Oh man cut the crap and please fill my mouth with this tempting meat. The taste is incredible, quite one of the best Angus grilled beef I’ve ever tasted.

padma hotel bandung indonesia angus beef bulgogi


Dak Galbi
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Korean style of Chicken that will made your mind flow away, love the sauce glazed on it !

padma hotel bandung indonesia dak galbi


Sweet Thai Marination x Chicken n Beef Sausages
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

God of marinating, I really love the squid, not forget to mention the sausages is just have an ordinary taste.!

padma hotel bandung indonesia menu sausage beef


Peking Duck Station
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Besides the top notch station, they’re having several other station that I’ve already mentioned it at above, you could scroll further for the full menu, but now I want to share every meals that my bully could afford that night.

padma hotel bandung indonesia makanan japanese jepang food stall


Not the best peking duck, but so far has a great quality of meat and perfectly cooked, sad to said the sauce is not really Asian, I could not feel the spices around, maybe they are in the safe zone, but no problem, please improving!

padma hotel bandung indonesia bebek duck food makanan


Mongolian Barbeque Station
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

OMO OMO , if you’re into veggies, you should try this vegetarian barbeque, it just cooked like teppanyaki but with different style of sauce, I really love how the barbeque sauce glazed over the teppanyaki style cook of veggies!

padma hotel bandung indonesia fancy restaurant


Tempura Station
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Nothing special here because they just served veggies on the tempura, hope someday they served shrimp on this station #fingercrossed

padma hotel bandung indonesia menu cooking



Live Sushi
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Still need an improvement, the sushi is just really ordinary, even I must admid this is the worst sushi in Hotel Buffet that I’ve ever tried. Not because the quality, but because the variation they had served. I really cravin more meat and sashimi here, not all around veggies.

padma hotel bandung indonesia live sushi



Indian Corner
>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Honestly I must admit my tongue is not really good when tasting indian food, they served prata with  potato beef and vegetable curry  topping, but both was unsuccessful to pleased my tastebud, it just too much spices for normal Indonesian tongue like me.

padma hotel bandung indonesia curry vegetarian makanan



>>Include on Buffet (IDR 265k++ / pax)

Last but not least, the underdog station that amazed me, Yakimeshi ! Japanese style of fried rice served in an epic way, so first you took the ingredients you want to made in a plate, that passed it to the chef and the chef will make the yakimeshi based on the ingredients you took!

padma hotel bandung indonesia japan cook chef


Okay I really amazed with the taste and not hesitate to crowned it as the best Hotel Fried Rice I’ve ever tasted in this town!

padma hotel bandung indonesia fried rice nasi goreng


After all I must said the buffet concept is epic and not too expensive, I just hope they are improving in several station that I already commented above, or better disable it.  Big thanks for @padmahotel Bandung has invited us and @thebellysociety  to try the first grilling of this Asian Barbeque buffet,


Last but not least, I got a special news for you! Yeah this buffet is getting hot, there’s a  5 get 6 promotion here! So if you bring 6 people or more on your table ( one bill) , The Restaurant will give you one free pax discount, so if you brind 6 people, it means each of you just have to paid IDR 200k ++ , don’t missed it !



So, what are you waiting for?

Come try this new buffet and bullyyourbelly @The Restaurant at Padma Hotel! Godspeed!


Map of Padma Hotel, Bandung