Goodnews: Authentic European Cuisine


Jl. Ciragil no 41, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta ( Senopati area)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 4pm – 9 pm
Price Range: IDR 40k – IDR 100k
0812 1232881


Before I pitch away to the second part of #bybgoestojogja, I’m gonna write this quick review about the alternative spot to eating in Senopati area, with a premium quality meals and low budget cost, yeah the concept of this eatery is a foodtruck with some table and seating around Senopati area, please welcome Goodnews Eatery! < kuliner senopati jakarta >

good news food truck european jakarta senopati kuliner

Goodnews Eatery is a European food concept of foodtruck located in Senopati area, Jakarta – With no interior and some minimalist seating, with the green ambiance of Senopati area, this place is a great outdoor dining space! Beware about their opening day, they only open in weekdays guys! Nevermind it still a quite worthy dining spot to spend at Senopati area around Friday night, cheers!



Already Fly to Europe while browsing their menu? Please keep your seat belt fasten and let’s #Bullyyourbelly! < kuliner senopati jakarta >


>>IDR 31k

Four pcs of premium croquette, consist of potatoes and veggies, well for me this dish quite ordinary, but hell yeah the tartar sauce is epic and became the savior of this appetizer!



Grilled Sliced Salmon w/ Pesto Rice
>>IDR 48k

Grilled imported salmon with green pesto rice! I love the pesto rice, not too oily yet salty, nice! For the Salmon, I don’t know how maybe l put less lemon in it, the taste is good actually but lil fishy and too well-done, I prefer the medium cooked of salmon, which I’m forget to said also *mybad.



Sliced Tenderloin Steak
>>IDR 83k

Perfect medium rare imported grilled tenderloin served with fries and their secret side dish, well oh well this is the best menu for tonight! The beef is very tender and tasty without any extra seasoning , the side dish also played a big roll inside this menu, well crappy done!

Overall, I’m amazed there’s a premium concept of food truck exist, one of them is this Goodnews Eatery, well I love your concept, and also love your place picking, surrounded by several expensive resto! Well For suggestion I think you should keep improving in your drinks! I don’t see the catchy drinks here so my pick goes to mineral water! And for readers, I warn you to tell your meat appetite if you ordered something meaty like me, such as if you prefer medium-rare one, tell them!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @Goodnews Eatery! Godspeed!

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Map of Senopati Area – Jakarta