Hilton Bandung (August 2015 Menu)


Jalan HOS Tjokroaminoto No.41-43, Bandung – WEST JAVA 40171, Indonesia
t: +62 22 86066 888  I   f: +62 22 86066 999 
Wi-fi provided

Summer in the threshold? Well derived to that phrase, Hilton Bandung will bring this threshold into a magnificent culinary memories, yet Hilton Bandung Launched two type of experience, Flavors of Summer at Purnawarman Restaurant, And Summer Temptation at Fresco Restaurant! Because we’re invited only at Purnawarman Restaurant, so yeah this is review also is a tribute to Purnawarman Restaurant!


A famous restaurant in Hilton hotel, Purnawarman Restaurant is a well-known hotel-buffet resto in town, located in pasirkaliki area, heart of Bandung, this venue has been a well-known place for executive and beautiful dinner. The Interior is a blast, for a hotel it simply give us authentic Indonesian fine interior that really suit any occasion.


Anxious of what’s inside flavors of summer? Let’s check it out! If you have read our previous review about this resto, well now I only want to tell you the differences. First! Welcome aboard Pasta station! I’ve missed you a lot! Next to it is weekend barbeque station, available every weekend (fri-sat) !


Next, a Portobello of appetizer rack with mix salad, rasher, and tiny bites


I gotta say the fruit and vegetable section is really fresh today!


Next, Sushi station! Actually it has no big difference at all, but this station is my favorite station in Purnawarman Restaurant, so yeah I damned to give it a shot! Oh I still missed it especially the salmon and inari!


Last but not least, the dessert station, savoring a really good theme based summer Indonesian Desserts.


Don’t move peeps, flavor of summer still indulge you with several anti-buffet menu, I mean you could order it straight from their waiter, such as a hidden menu! I’ll review below


Sure you want to know the price right? Okat this is the August 2015 full price of


Purnawarman restaurant (FLAVOR OF SUMMER):

Dinner: Weekday 178.000++
Weekend* (Fri, Sat, Sun) IDR198.000++
*Include additional weekend barbeque


And also their sister restaurant, whom I’m also will spread their hidden menu after this:

Fresco Restaurant (SUMMER TEMPTATION)
Dinner Special Set Course Menu*: IDR378.000++
*Free Range Duck Sous Vide with Raisin Gelee, Wagyu Striploin Beef, Wild Mushroom & Roasted Sweeet Potato & for the dessert Summer Berries Pudding, this set also called as Summer Temptation! Yet I’ll review several of it below.



I’m sure you must be anxious about the secret menu of each restaurant? Okay let’s go, buckle your seatbelt and start #bullyyourbelly!


Rubix Cube Salad

The Icon of the month, featuring several mix fruit, combined with block of cheese, I gotta said the presentation is really epic! And you must ordered it if you want to took an instagramable picture!



Almond & Herbs Pilaf with Seared Dory

I must admit this is the bullet of the night, although it came with a small portion, it really indulge my taste bud, the perfectness grilling technique of it has made the dory meat really tender, OMG me love it!



Wagyu Striploin Beef

I had no idea how to describe this menu, I must admit rather I had no clue for the fresco restaurant, or they really prepared it for us just to get a best picture of it? Nah I must honest, this meat is really good looking, medium cooked, but I still don’t know why when it came to my mouth, the meat is really not tender , and I feels like asking myself over and over  again, is this wagyu? Seems like an ordinary beef meat with extraordinary presentation. Well maybe someday I’ll go to fresco restaurant to review it deeper by myself.



Summer Berries Pudding

Once again, I fell in love with the presentation but cannot said any better word for the taste of this summer berries pudding, once again I cannot judge it by myself because this menu has a chance has been contamined because It served at purnawarman restaurant, and has approximaly 30 minutes thorough several blogger photoshoot, and also several blogger spoon, before it came to my mouth. So I hope you could understand if my taste bud told me that this dish only tasted ordinary.



Overall, it’s a helluva plan to #bullyyourbelly around this month at Purnawarman Restaurant, it quite worth spending and I really satisfied!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ Hilton Hotel! Godspeed!