Kobe by Shabu-shabu House (Jakarta)


Street Gallery 2nd floor, Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta
Opening Hours: 10am – 10 pm
Price Range: IDR 149k – IDR 299k
+6221 2952 9777
Wi-fi provided, VIP room available


Far from the start I never been too excited about non-hotel all-you-can-eat cuisine until I got invited to this place. The mashed up feeling about getting fat and the similar price to a hotel buffet has made me never chose this option, but hell-yeah, Kobe brought me an extremely Hotel-experience Japanese Buffet on my last Easter holiday to Jakarta, and because of that, I’m very excited to write this post!


On last Maundy Thursday, I went to Kobe with @oeikristina, young typographer who turned out helping me doin some interior photos below. (Check her inspiring typography feed at: www.instagram.com/oeikristina)



Kobe by Shabu2 house is Japanese buffet joint located in Pondok Indah Mall, South of Jakarta– The venue simply goes on hotel interior, you will be amazed there are a buffet join like this, It feels like I’m going to a five star hotel and get a buffet there!



I’m not wrong at all right? This just one of several views of their food station.



And this is the drink station, really heaven for a teenagers LOL



Last but not least, the desserts station, crumb up with beautiful tree and chocolate fondue, Ah I really miss that time.



Ah Yeah now the most wanted part, the price:




Regular IDR149k++
Deluxe  IDR 249K++



Regular IDR 177k++
Deluxe  IDR 299k++


*Deluxe package offer you US premium beef while Regular package offer Australian beef on steak, and shabu-shabu.


Cheap? Don’t dare to say that before you see the whole cuisine I got with only IDR 149k!



Sashimi and Sasebo Burger

The Sashimi is free flow and constraint of several fish like Tuna and Salmon! FYI I’m just attended an buffet invitation of one big hotel in Bandung and they only served salmon! And the Sasebo burger is mainly beef burger cooked in Japanese way, kinda same I thought.



Shabu2 w/ kimchi broth

The shabu2? You gotta be kidding me , it just the same as shabu2 house! You can read the full review here: http://bullyyourbelly.com/shabu-shabu-house-jakarta/

Ah now I tried their kimchi broth, and amazed by the taste of that broth, really great! But yeah we must sacrified the taste of the beef , I suggest you try the original one if you’re taking a deluxe package.




Bulgogi and Curry

The curry is ordinary but hell yeah you must try their bulgogi, fucking great man!




Sushi and Dim Sum

I amazed their also served dim sum, and the taste also not bad! And there’s also a sushi with good taste, well done!




Ramen, tempura, Karaage, Spring roll, Fried noodle and rice

I’m lil disappointed with their ramen, the broth is too plain, but who cares, the rest is okay, seems like the place is more complete than hotel buffet, cheers!





Last main course, OMG I Could not believe Kobe served this refillable steak, this is the first time experience of my life having a refillable steak, and yeah the medium cooked read meat is fabulous, I really love it!






Looking this picture reminds me on a traffic light, but yeah this mousse constrained of some jelly and cream, with attractive presentation that held your dessert tongue just besides the fondue! (pics on the interior)




Ice Cream with lot of choice of topping

When it came to this,, I recommend you mix it up like this pics, and add your moodswings topping, I could guarantee your bully will be bullied!



After all, I DON’T BELIEVE this Japanese Buffet is exist starting of IDR149k price range, it just really perfect Japanese Buffet, I could not give an opinion about this, because the price is really cheap with this Hotel buffet quality in Jakarta, I suggest to get your ass up and try this before they mark up the price!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ Kobe by Shabu2House! Godspeed!


Map of Pondok Indah Mall


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