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Out of the box, cut out the line, I couldn’t thinking out loud to be chose as one of influencer for this fam trip to makassar, big thanks to Travel Ministry of Indonesia, Has been choose us to be the plot project of food fam trip to makassar. This blog will be divided into two ways, the first part and of course this page, is contain the travel photos and adventure sharing, the food part will be posted next week, stay tune peeps !

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On the first day, we went to Fort Rotterdam, an Iconic fortress in the heart of Makassar city that been a landmark for around a centuries, lotsa people come around and go within this landmark, a must visit if you’ve never been to makassar.



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After that, we went to Akkarena beach, when sunset is really on point on this spot, you could see how beautiful is God creation of skies and sun, painting on the wall of Akkarena beach

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Then afterwards, on the day two, went to rammang –rammang , the second biggest karst in the world, the view is like you saw on phi phi island thailand or halong bay vietnam, it just breathtaking

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After 30 minutes boat ride, we arrived on kampong benoa, and inside, there’s a mini civilization and beautiful landscape of village

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Yes , as nature as it is, clean, out of pollution

workshop (14 of 14)what on earth this could be in Indonesia? Pesona Indonesia you rocks !

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On the ride home, we deck on the second port to case more sunset, this time is more epic because there’s no sea but hill!

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As I mentioned before, the sunset on the day 2 is more epic, like the best sunset ever in our life, Greenfields and the rock hill are the main actor this time


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It was amazing, stunning and I craved to get back there !


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On the third day, we went to takapala waterfall, about 3 hrs drive from the city, the waterfall is really high, but sadly , the area is already crowded of peeps, but the water is really fresh, I even swam down there !

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On the ride back home, we stop on Malino Market, a heritage market that sold cheap grocery and oleh oleh, I even bought some teng teng there and the taste is so gewd !

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So far this pasar is like closing up our 3 day trip with joy, don’t forget we still have a culinary story to tell so stay tuned peeps!

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Although I feel so exhausted on road, but Pesona Indonesia team packed up this trip well , lotsa food and story to tell to you, how beauty is our bumi pertiwi !

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And yes, besides culinary trip, these are several spots you could visit if you’re planning to go to makassar, stay tuned for our culinary story here, adios !



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