Nom Nom Eatery

nom nom eatery food recommended

Jl. Merak no.2 , Bandung
Opening Hours: 10.00-22.00
Weekend : until 11 pm
Price Range: IDR 25k – IDR 60k
BB pin : 32711642

If you’re a friend of mine in path, you should probably realized I’ve shared very inspiring blog post about our society this day by one of our inspirational figure, @bellywellyjelly. She’s a fashion , beauty, and travel blogger from singapore, and here’s her post, check it out :! As a beauty and style blogger, somehow her new blog design remind me with one of the restaurant that have fabulous typography and mural design that  I’ll review today!

Eight month strolling being a social media contributor has opened my mind far further, meeting new people, study new knowledge, and moreover, exploring a lot culinary place in Bandung! And now I’ll review the lost hidden gem in Bandung, blooming in last year seems not quite reluctant to explain this eatery, with a great concept of wall typography and illustration, please welcome Nom Nom Eatery!

nom nom eatery tempat nongkrong bandung enak

Nom Nom Eatery is fusion western restaurant located in Suci area, aligned with the famous C 159 office and concept store– The venue located in second floor of it, and surrounded by an artsy interior.

Move into the hidden space, I amazed with their hidden spot! Lovely wooden seating collaborated with beautiful pattern of floor and amazing lighting!

nom nom eatery referensi kuliner bandung


Without wasting our time, let’s move to da food!


Tofu Fufu
>>IDR 17k

Fufufu, Fried tofu glazed with crumble of joy, the crumble is sweet and the tofu is salty, perfect combination to indulge your mouth before the main course!

nom nom eatery rekomendasi makanan tahu tofu bandung


Lidah Sapi Bulgogi
>>IDR 42k

U yeah! Best menu this evening in my opinion, beef tongue mashed with bulgogi sauce and bulgogi style of cooking, not forget to mention the side dish, extraordinary butter rice! The tongue is really good, I mean it’s a new way for me to enjoy this dish, glazing around the bulgogi sauce to the meat and the rice!

nom nom eatery kuliner bandung lidah sapi beef tounge


Dori Telur Asin with mashed potato upgrade
>>IDR 37k

Salted egg Fried Dory with mashed potato and fried horenso! Horenso is a Japanese Spinach, the texture is lovelier to eat than our ordinary spinach, and the dory is great! Perfectly glazed with the salted egg and I’m craving for more! When I tried their mashed potato, I don’t have anything special in that potatoes, so I recommend you to switch it with the butter rice!

nom nom eatery rekomendasi makan dori telor asin salty egg


Ayam Ngohiong
>>IDR 30k

Usually, Ngohiong stands for non-halal cuisine, I mean pork. But in Jakarta, there’s also Chicken Ngohiong just like this menu, whom you could found in Menteng area. If you want a proper and more delicious way, this menu is represent that and you don’t have to travel 150 km just to enjoy that! Chicken Ngohiong or being fried in Chinese way, with their famous fried horenso of course! OMG I love their horenso, you should try it by yourself! The chicken is good, but in the end I keep suggest you to exchange the rice with their butter rice!

nom nom eatery makan ngohiong di bandung


Pannacotta on Stick
>>IDR 14k

Very berry unique desserts, soft pannacota served on ice cream stick, with chocolate and green tea variant, it’s really instagenic! Believe it or not it has nominated as the most liked post on @bullyyourbelly instagram, check it out! Honestly I prefer the choco one, the taste is good and has a caramel sauce on the top of it, really great desserts!

nom nom eatery pannacota


After all, I really pleased, good food with good price is a trademark on this resto, not forget to mention their lovely interior too. I love their unique concept of interior, they really put a good effort bring the customer to put a mark into their interior design concept, such as you will got a free meals if you’re contribute an art in their wall, I mean like mural and typography, If you’re good enough I think you should come and passed by!


So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @NomNom Eatery! Godspeed!


Map of Jalan Merak, Bandung