High Tea at Oasis Restaurant (Jakarta)

oasis restaurant raden saleh jakarta indonesia dilmah high tea

Raden Saleh Raya No. 47, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 3150646
Opening Hours· 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 – 10:00 pm
High Tea time: 3pm-5pm
Closed on Sunday
oasis restaurant raden saleh jakarta indonesia dilmah tea


Get a chance to paired up my photography gear at Jakarta, well thanks to Dilmah Tea Indonesia I could try this enormous vintage restaurant that have been exist since long time ago (my Mom and Dad used to dating here). Please welcome Oasis Restaurant !

oasis restaurant  jakarta indonesia dilmah tea


Oasis Restaurant is an Indonesian heritage restaurant that served Indonesian food and rijsttafel  – The outside design of the stall is really vintage, the Netherlands era is really suit up in this restaurant, the interior also spoke of it, and the service is just as like you were a high noble of Netherlands during the invasion of Netherlands in Indonesia

oasis restaurant raden saleh jakarta indonesia


Here’s the view of their private room, I really love the ambience of it, it just really high-class vintage!

oasis restoran jakarta indonesia

And here’s the high tea set menu, quite reasonable as if you’re having a dinner here, you have to spend aproximally IDR 500k / person.



Okay enough with the sins, let’s bullyyourbelly!

Italian Almond Vanilla Ice Tea

I don’t know either this menu exist or not because I could not find it in their menu. But if you could bypass it and let the chef make it you must ordered it, because for me this is the best Ice tea I’ve ever tasted! The slight taste of almond and vanilla is really closured on the aftertaste, I really love it even without sugar!

oasis restaurant raden saleh jakarta indonesia dilmah lemon tea


Spice Island Twist High Tea Culinarie
>>IDR 125k

I thought I should not speak too much because they already explained before, but for the details I’ll give you the full description again below

oasis restaurant raden saleh jakarta indonesia dilmah high tea


Stunning presentation and also stunning taste, I really love their bitterballen as if that the only dish that sprout out the aftertaste of the tea , but for general and not depends of tea gastronomy review, I must said this is the best High tea set I’ve ever ate, the earl grey pairing is really boost up my mind, even I really don’t care about the tea gastronomy because actually for me the key of enjoying tea is not infused it into food but I prefer to take seriously about the pairing, and Oasis has done a great Job!


So, what are you waiting for?
Come try and bullyyourbelly @Oasis Restaurant! Godspeed!

Map of Jalan Raden Saleh, Jakarta