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Price: IDR 35k
Mobile : 087878429204 (Richard)
Line ID:  ryowijaya


Hello belly bulliers! Now adays pop-up store has been branched up to be the very first stair for you to enter the culinary business, especially in this town. With less amount of invest and minimal risk, this type of business has been extremely needed for you who have a dare to enter the culinary world!


<WYOWA pop-up store>


ONGOODSHIT is kid brand from @WYOWA, whom served good subway patty in some pop-up market, for example like today’s event, TNT 2014 at Parahyangan Catholic University ( until 11 pm), further info for their next event could be found on their official instagram : WYOWA


<WYOWA at Parahyangan Catholic University>


Here’s their only served two kind of menu, tuna and beef patty, and only cook the beef here (the tuna has already half-cooked).


After cook the meat, they half cook the bread, so it can mashed perfectly before they add the filling.



Simple enough right? So let’s #bullyyourbelly ONGOODSHIT!

Grilled Beef Patty
>>IDR 35k

Medium-cooked beef patty, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and the patty it-self, well besides the ordinary presentation, the patty speak for itself, perfectly cooked and has a marinated jerky flavor, very good deal for you to seek a high-quality patty in an economical way!



Garlic Tuna

I’ve been tasting several tuna patty and never found something like this, I don’t know how they marinated and half-cooked the tuna, well done! The tuna have no fishy taste, and the garlic taste is pop up to the ground! I just hope next time they change the bread for this tuna, I prefer whole grain one.



After all, I’m really happy there’s a pop-up store serving good quality subway patty like ONGOODSHIT, the food was great, I just hope they improve their bun variation and also keep us informed on the next pop-up store, or hopefully independent sore #finger cross!

Last but not least, besides serving on pop-up store in some event, they also ready for hosting your private event, just feel free to contact them!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ONGOODSHIT! Godspeed!


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