Qahwa Resto


Jl. Progo no. 1, Bandung
Opening Hours: 10.00-22.00
Price Range: IDR 25k – IDR 70k


Still couldn’t move on from #bybgoestojogja, but the show must goes on! We’re sorry for delaying #bybgoestojogja part 2 because we gotta post something in Bandung to remind us that we’re still focusing our review in Bandung City!



Qahwa is a Middle East restaurant located in Riau area – The first authentic Middle East restaurant in Bandung with a Middle East concept of interior too! And their tagline is The number one Grilled baby lamb in Bandung!


Feel the atmosphere? Besides the Middle East atmosphere, every Saturday night they also have belly dancer performance. Not to mention your belly is already starving, let’s bullyyourbelly!


Date Smoothies- Green Juice – Green Tea Smoothies
>>IDR 25,5k-23k-31k

Blended qorma, vanilla ice cream, fresh milk and yoghurt – Blended baby pakcoy and pineapple – Mix green tea, vanilla ice cream, and fresh milk. Please, I’ll only review the one I love the most, their green juice! The consistency of whatever blended there was so unique, really different with the ordinary green juice, and really good companion for their un-veggie dish.



Shawarma Djaj
>>IDR 35k

Sautéed grilled chicken & fresh veggies, wrapped with tortilla, served with French fries. Really good appetizer, feels like chicken kebab, as if I was in Jakarta sipping the famous fast-food kebab, well done!



Shorbat Magadim
>>IDR 37,5k

Hey you lamb lover! You must order this dish, I repeat, you must! This lamb narrow soup is really good, the fatty soup blend with perfect young lamb meat and some lime, hmm.



Kabsa Djaj
>>IDR 67k

Basmati rice mixed with tomato paste & middle-eastern spices, served with grilled chicken. The most authentic menu of the day, and the best rice of the day! I love the perfection blend of the spices, the rice also different, Feels like I’m in Europe! But somehow I feel the chicken is quite ordinary, I prefer the lamb one, and could I change it? Oh I’ll review the lamb somewhere in below.



Mandhi Laham
>>IDR 72,5k

Basmati rice mixed with saffron, sultanas, cashews & middle-eastern spices served with grilled lamb. Just like I’ve told you before, the lamb is epic! To be honest, this is the best lamb I’ve ever had in Bandung, so I don’t have to review it deeper. But for the rice, I prefer the Kabsa Djaj one, somehow the spices in Mandhi Laham is not too strong as the Kabsa. But if you’re not a fan of spices, I think this one could be your choices!



Overall I really love the lamb in Qahwa! You must order that if you’re planning to come here! And also Qahwa provides you a good sisha and a meeting room, with a quite good services and presentation, I think Qahwa is the best middle-east resto I’ve ever tasted in town, bravo!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @Qahwa! Godspeed!


Map of Jalan Progo


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