Rabbit Hole

rabbit hole bandung banh mi

Rancabentang 11A, Ciumbeleuit, Bandung (Below Miss Bee Providore)
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM
Price Range: IDR 35k – IDR 85k
WiFi Provided

Happy Eid Mubarak guys! At least we could #bullyyourbelly again after two weeks holiday. And the good news is now our photography team is ready to have a menu photo shoot! So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our service! Let’s start this remarkable week with a quick review of newly hits dessert stop in north of Bandung, Rabbit Hole!

rabbit hole bandung missbee providore ciumbuleuit small cafe cozy place recommended


Rabbit Hole is a dessert stop located below Miss Bee Providore, Ciumbeleuit area – The outside design of the cafe is really describe their brand, simply a hole with rustic stone ambience. Here’s the view inside of Rabbit Hole, quite fancy yet rustic for a new hits dessert stop, with no natural light could blast inside, so good luck for taking your photos without flash, dear my lovely reader, peace!

rabbit hole bandung cozy place home ciumbuleuit rekomendasi kuliner culinary


Here’s their dessert menu, surrounded with waffle with a hint of savoury and Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwich)

menu rabbit hole bandung


And here’s their beverages menu, the mixology is quite quench my mind, as if I want to try all the beverages menu!

desain menu rabbit hole bandung ciumbuleuit rekomendasi kuliner restoran cafe


Okay enough with the intro, let’s bullyyourbelly!


Thai Tea Waffle
>>IDR 45k

Thai tea gelato + almond + kit Kat + Oreo. Somehow I just love their texture of waffle, besides the mainstream topping that you could found elsewhere around Bandung, but actually I got to said the Thai tea gelato is quite good!

rabbit hole bandung waffle pancake ice cream delicious enak rekomendasi kuliner ciumbuleuit


Banana Split Frozen Dessert
>>IDR 49k

Waffle + green tea + chocolate gelato + banana + peaches + strawberry + almond + dark chocolate. Scrap the presentation, if you’re not an instagrammers or hunt an adorable photos, I suggest you order the other menu because I think this menu is quite expensive because it’s only assorted fruit and three scoop of ice cream! The taste is good actually, but nothing special except the fluffy texture of the rabbit ears, I’m craving for some more!

rabbit hole bandung dessert recommended


Truffle Sausage and Cheese Bahn Mi
>>IDR 59k

Best bud for today, the only menu that could fullfill your belly, big cheese sausage blast with salad and mayo, if you’re coming to Rabbit Hole and your belly is starved, I really recommend you to order this menu!

rabbit hole bandung banh mi


Mac and Cheese
>>IDR 59k

Crispy bacon + macaroni + parmesan + cheddar + truffle mayo + tomato chutney. What! A Waffle again? I gotta comment a lot because the order is not as I expected, all the ingredients that blast in the menu also not have a proper appearance, but anyway if you are crave for a light meal, this menu is quite good, the bacon is somehow hidden inside the waffle and the other ingredients such as macaroni, parmesan, cheddar, etc. is also hidden and blast a little, such a pity but I don’t really understand how they got an idea to name this menu with Mac and Cheese, geez, but once again the waffle came as a savior, beware guys!

rabbit hole bandung macaroni waffle recommended


Good Place, Good Waffle, but bad beverages. Three things that came out first in my mind when I got to sum up the review of Rabbit Hole, I really not recommend you to order the drinks from Rabbit Hole, why? With the price around IDR30k, they just popping the presentation in an ordinary cup such as I ordered a drink from a bubble tea store, and with an ordinary taste too. Lucky them they have their sibling five star cafe, Miss Bee Providore, so you could ordered a fluffy yet worthy beverages from there!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @Rabbit Hole! Godspeed!


Map of Jalan Rancabentang, Bandung