Segood Kitchen

makan segood bandung cihampelas

Jl. Cihampelas no. 103, Bandung
Phone: 081808536006
Opening Hours :
Sun- Thu: 11AM – 10PM.
Fri-Sat: 11AM – 11PM
Instagram : @warunksegood
Price Range: IDR 3k- IDR20k


segood bandung cihampelas


Looks like the hype of middle class food junction in Bandung is getting strong, as if this food stop, offering  under IDR 30k food and drink with four star food quality, I just gonna say, WAW!

segood bandung cihampelas resto


Segood Kitchen is low budget light meal concept of food junction located in Cihampelas area, Bandung– The outside design of the stall is quite vintage industrial, offering the crowded view of Cihampelas street. Inside of it, the industrial concept is really thick, I love the minimalist industrial of the first floor.

segood bandung cihampelas restaurant


At the Second Floor, the industrial concept of interior quite gone, replaced by instagramable interior featuring cute bear mural that look alike bac-bac diary sticker on @lineindo.

ambience segood bandung cihampelas


Here’s the menu, really tempting with really good price!

menu makanan segood bandung cihampelas


Okay not to waste your time, let’s #bullyyourbelly!


Red Velvet Shake
>>IDR 15k

I’m not a big fan of red velvet.  But I must said this red velvet shake is quite good enough to quench your sweet taste bud, especially if you also a really big fan of red velvet cake

segood bandung cihampelas minuman


Lychee Smoothies
>>IDR 15k

Do you remember SAP lychee from your childhood? Yeah this beverages contained the same taste of it, with a hint of milk of course, EPIC!

lychee segood bandung cihampelas


Sayap Ayam Renyah
>>IDR 13k

Top Notch of the day, featuring the same taste with shinlin XXL Chicken, I love how they glued the pepper in the chicken wings, because in common the pepper crispy deep fried chicken like this is came with a big portion, or even a fillet, but now segood kitchen has bring that concept into a wings, nice effort!

sayap ayam renyah chicken wings segood bandung cihampelas



Nasi Goreng Laksa + topping telor
>>IDR 18k + 3k

Speaking of laksa in Bandung, I honestly only have tried the one packed in #1 instant noodle in the world, you know what I mean! But now segood kitchen has bring that taste and infused it to a fried rice! The result? OMG It feels somekind Melayu style of taste and really pleased my taste bud!

nasi goreng laksa segood bandung cihampelas


Indomie Sambal Telor Ijo
>>IDR 13k

Here’s the #1 instant noodle in the world, deconstructed by segood kitchen with Green chili and egg, the result is epic bomb, I love how the green chili melted with the noodle, it kinda different with the Indomie Green Chili flavor, and I kinda prefer this one!

makan segood bandung cihampelas


Ropang Koreo
>>IDR 15k

Slight upon the street, I kinda bored to taste this kind of menu because it’s just like a parasite in the street of Bandung. But to be honest, for this one, toasted bread with cheese, oreo, and chocolate ice cream topping is really make my mind blow! I awarded this menu as the best street toasted bread in town, because the  price, portion, taste, and more important, it looks!

roti segood bandung cihampelas


After all, I’m really happy there’s a place like Segood Kitchen, it just made my mind blow, and how come they could sold good quality of food and plating with really affordable price! The only stain I found is they parking lot! It just really hard to park if you bring a car! I suggest you used public transportation or bring your own motorcycle if you want to go here!


So, what are you waiting for?
Come try and bullyyourbelly @Segood Kitchen ! Godspeed!


Map of Segood at Jalan Cihampelas Bandung (Near Mangkok Manis)