Shanghai Blue 1920

shanghai blue

Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya no 77, Jakarta
Opening Hours:  until 11 pm
Price Range: IDR 300k for two

Hello guys! It’s been a long time since the last time i write a blogpost, the reason? Yes I’m now back to Jakarta for good so I’ve been thinking a while to keep writing it until now, and yes, I thought I could give a shot to expand bullyyourbelly ventures, and for the first post in Jakarta, I’ll give you the best of the best, please welcome Shanghai Blue 1920!

shanghai blue menteng jakarta


Shanghai Blue 1920 is a fusion Chinese-Betawi Bistro located at the heart of Jakarta City, As you look the ambience, it reminds us about the situation of fine Chinese Dining at 1920 era, I could feel a colonial chinese taste around it and also it has gone more authentic by the smell of their temple aromatic room perfume.

shanghai blue menteng review


Skip the details and here we go, let’s #bullyyourbelly!


Shanghai Majestic

Fresh Passion Fruit, Orange, tea, lime, and sprite top up, really bring my thirst throat straight to shanghai!

shanghai blue mocktail


Love Duet of Melted Cheese and Crunchy Asparagus
>> IDR 52k

 Can’t believe they could deconstruct an asparagus this fun!  Crunchy asparagus rolls with cheese and XO sauce, voila!  These mouthwatering dumplings were infulenced by the french concession in Shanghai,woohoo!

shanghai blue asparagus


Shanghai Blue Duet of Crab Claws and Prawns (supit kepiting dan udang masuk telur asin)
>> IDR 85k

Our most favorite menu! Sauteed crab and prawns with salted duck egg crust, very delicious and mouthwatering! Guess you won’t miss it coz it really nice! The salted egg is different with another junkie places, it much more like a crusty skin of your omelet!

shanghai blue 1920


Kungpao Treasure Duck
>> IDR 98k

And last but not least, marinated of fillet roasted duck stuffed with smoked beef bacon, shitake mushroom, lotus seed, and served with black vinegar sauce! For me , it’s taste similar like ngohiang and I still could not believe this is a duck!

shanghai blue duck


Overall I really pleased and grateful being invited to Shangha Blue 1920, The food is great, and to be honest, this is the best fusion dining experience I’ve ever had in my life, the price is friendly too and the service is good, I really love the ambience and smell that brought us to 1920’s era, thanks TUGU group and looking forward to review your other properties!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @Shanghaiblue1920! Godspeed!