Six Ounces (Jakarta)


Jl. Kelapa Puan Timur 2 NB 2, No.1,
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone: 081295592233
Opening Hours : Closed every Monday !
Tue- Sun : 10AM – 9PM.
Instagram : @SixOunces.Coffee


Looks like coffee digging in my hometown is getting specified, nowadays every district has an authentic coffee corner, such this one, six ounces coffee has brought good quality coffee and brunch right in the district of Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta!


Six Ounces Coffee is a coffee stall and brunch spot located at Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta – The outside design of the stall is quite vintage minimalist, and have a small amounth of parking lot for a car (you should park across the street / aside of it).


Lucky me, when I was reviewing   this cafe, I met the famous Jakarta food blogger,!



Okay enough with the intro, let’s bullyyourbelly!


Caramelised Cold Brew Coffee
>>IDR 37k

Sugar coated caramelized coffee, I could not identify what’s inside the beans because the sugar has coatedthe real flavor of it, but thanks to the caramel, it just made this menu tasted like melted caffeinated aplenlibe milk candy!

caramelised cold brew six ounces kelapa gading


Jing Earl Grey Tea
>>IDR 28k

Thanks to our Ms. Photographer, now my taste bud has been mastered to taste an earl grey tea, Jing earl tea is one of premium batch in my taste bud, the texture quite not strong enough or it suit in soft category, the complexness of bergamot structure on it or I thought it take a long time to keep in the cafe, made me could not really feel the bergamot aroma, rather it dominated with the perfect black tea.



Cappuccino and Apple Crumble
>>IDR 32k & IDR 28k

Great apple crumble! I love the texture and the structure, despite their regular ice cream that already melted because I took a time to take this photos, poor me, and the capp, as always:

Body perfect milky
Acid wheat
Bitter dark chocolate
Sweet nougat
Aroma fresh bread
Aftertaste dark chocolate



Classic Caesar Salad
>>IDR 40k

Lettuce and dried bread mashed up with their signature mayonnaise, want to know my opinion? It tasted quite good but somehow too expensive for me, for IDR 40k I rather to go for another onion ring round! (I’ll review below)




Onion Ring
>>IDR 40k

Best of the buds, sounds expensive but money speak well, this onion ring is perfectly deep fried and came with two kind of sauce, mayonnaise and barbeque! Love the subtle crunchiness texture of the onion, really worthy!




Pulled Pork Burger
>>IDR 70k

Don’t fooled by the price, this burger is madness! If you are a girl I rather suggest you to share it with your buddies, really big portion with perfect pulled pork and salad, top notch of the day!




After all, I’m really happy there’s a place like six ounces in my hometown, simply justified the demand of coffee and tea lovers like me. Gonna said you’re rock dude, keep rocking Kelapa Gading Culinary and we wish you a great success ahead!




So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly Jakartal! Godspeed!