Jl. Ters.Tubagus Ismail no.1A, Dago, Bandung
Opening Hours: 12.00-23.00
Price Range: IDR 20k – IDR 110k



One of new and anticipated cafe, with the scenery that really reminds me one of the cafe in puncak, hidden in the grey area of Tubagus Ismail whereby of my new activity that should passed by this cafe to go to my personal dentist, sigh.




Not to mention photo taking is prohibition here, so yeah please understand my quick snack time review.

As I came here for only just snacking, so please be humble of my quick review, let’s go! Buckle up and #bullyyourbelly!



Mandheling Syphon Brew
>> Around IDR 20k

Great manual brew, actually this is a complimentary from the management, because I hesitate to keep my camera on, LOL. Love the appearance , and for the taste I should say it is good, quite fruity and floral.




Brocolli Nachos
>> IDR 19k 

I’m forget what the real name of this menu is, but anyway love it! Especially the baked brocolli, but for nachos I prefer it get sauced, seasoned, or whatever marinated because it’s really plain.




Molten Cake
>>  Around 30k

Perfect appearance, but I don’t like the cake base, I prefer it more ‘Bantet’ , besides that, all is good 😀




As far as I concerned, it is a really great place to hang out and having fancy brunch, the atmosphere is perfect and the meal is also good, not to mention I haven’t tried their big meal, hopefully soon

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @cafetangga! Godspeed!


Map of Tubagus Ismail