Friday Live Cooking of Beef Flambé at The Peak

beef steak the peak bandung restaurant flambe

Jl. Desa Karyawangi KM 6, 8 No. 388, Ciwaruga, Parongpong,
Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 09.00-22.00
Live cooking Flambé start from 6pm every Friday

Price Range: IDR 228k – IDR 298k
+62 22 2785429

the peak bandung ciwaruga desa karyawangi indonesia


Honestly I wanna review this fabulous wine dinner completely, but what could I do, when a rush thing is one of the point that our client concern, I managed it to divide this blog post as two part, first is this blog, which contained the amazing weekly live cooking of flambé event that held at the peak restaurant! And the second of course the full review of their restaurant, as you don’t have to wait until Friday just to #bullyyourbelly here, right? Okay stay tuned and enjoy this blog first!

the peak bandung restaurant event


The peak is wine dining restaurant concept located at Ciwaruga area, 40 minutes from downtown Bandung – The outside design of the venue is quite vintage, bringing us to the 90’s fine view of Bandung restaurant. The interior spoke well, authentic wood house 90’s concept has blend in their dining room and bar.

the peak bandung restaurant flambe


And here’s my favorite spot, located at the back with the bird view of Bandung town, it’s just really epic moment to watch a sunset and drinking a wine from this ambience (I’ll get o that later).

the peak bandung restaurant view


So Yeah as the title of this blog post, every Friday The Peak held a weekly fabulous event that called Friday Live Cooking of Beef Flambé! So yeah their premium beef specialties will be cooked in front of you starting at 6 pm every Friday!


And the Choices Beef Flambé that you could enjoy it live are:

  • Tenderloin Steak Dine (IDR298k)
  • Entrecote Blue Cheese a ’la Javier (IDR228k)


Okay I knew you are all anxious about both of that two hundreds something rupiahs’ flambé are, so let’s bullyyourbelly and read the full review!


Tenderloin Steak Dine
>> IDR 298k

It’s a live cooking right? so held your taste bud,  I’m gonna review the process of it first, yeah first the chef prepared the side dishes and use a hygiene hand-covered so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of this restaurant.

steak dine the peak bandung restaurant


Cooking time! Using pan seared method and with several alcohol sauce such as Jose Cuervo Tequila, yummy!

tenderloin steak dine the peak bandung restaurant


Time for the flambé!

tenderloin steak dine the peak bandung restaurant flambe


The Process time usually takes five minutes, I must recommend you to enjoy the whole process as if you could also learn the way to cook this fabulous beef flambé!

beef steak the peak bandung restaurant flambe


Final touch before served at your table, looks good right?

tenderloin beef steak the peak bandung restaurant flambe


It’s a wrap! Tenderloin Steak Dine is already on my table! Fillet tenderloin Black Angus seasoned with Shallotte, champignon, mushroom, lemon juice, water chessesiere , cognac,  served with mashed potato, well done! I really love the Black Angus meat! Really tender with medium style of cooking! Although the sauce is not as special as I thought, it’s still tasty but I prefer the blue cheese (later I’ll review below). Not forget to mention their tasty salad and the best mashed potato I’ve ever ate in Bandung, yeah you rocks!

tenderloin beef steak dish the peak bandung restaurant flambe



Entrecote Blue Cheese a ’la Javier
>>IDR 228k

Strip loin flambéed in a special recipe consist of blue cheese, crushed pepper, cognac, and gravy sauce. Okay I must be honest this is the best cheesy and creamy steak sauce I’ve ever had in Bandung, really the best especially if you are a cheese lover you must took it seriously! The meat is also perfectly cooked, but to be honest I’m not a really big fans of sirloin, I prefer tenderloin of course and Looks after a Tenderloin served with this kind of legendary sauce. I hope they will fulfill my demand near in the future!

entrecote blue cheese the peak bandung restaurant flambe


Don’t go anywhere because I’m gonna still write the second part review of this restaurant, to fill the full review of their daily menu, to keep you update and feel the experience of dining at The Peak without the hesitate to come every Friday. Except this Friday, of course you must came and try this fabulous experience of flambé dinner at The Peak!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @The Peak! Godspeed!


Map of Desa Karyawangi