Three Bears Cafe

three bears

Paskal Hypersquare A28 Bandung
Opening Hours: 8.00-22.00
Mon 10.00 – 22.00

Fri-Sat 8.00 – 23.00 
Price Range: IDR 30k- IDR 90k
Wi-fi provided


Well met guys! It’s been a long time since the last time I scamp up in this blog, since this week also still our last week exam before holiday, I’m gonna give you some hint and tips too watch doraemon #ups, nah nah, not that, I already watched it and feel really sorry for peeps who invited me to watch together, besides that doraemon hype, its better you stand by us, and keep #bullyyourbelly in this happening fusion cafe in town, please welcome Three Bears Cafe!


<front view 1>


Three Bears is Japanese and Korean fusion concept of cafe located in Paskal district, heart of Bandung– The outside design of the building is quite modern in white minimalist design of window and roof.

As you walk further, there’s a small plantation with bear-drawing glass in the front of it, make it very cute for a cafe, as you will not denied to came in and sit with that bear!


<front view 2>


The interior of Three Bears is very unique, at the first floor, they simply used a wooden seating with big bear drawing beneath it, there also a cashier and cake display that simply make your mouth tempting.


<ifirst floor view>


Interior on their second floor, I could tell its lovely, the bears drawing mashed up perfectly with the ambience, seems they are having a seat with us!


<second floor view 1>


See? Even the flare of lighting couldn’t resist the beauty of this place, with a bear family that will cook a delicious meal for you! #upsitwasjustadrawing


<second floor view 2>


Zoom in to the hype window, yeah this window seating is fabulous! You could spill up to ten friends and summon a very good photos here! #upss


<second floor view 3>


Third floor, ahhh too tired to get up my ass to this floor, simply similar with the second one, but with a heaven bucks, ups I mean heaven smoker square a.k.a smoking room.


<third floor view>


Let’s go to the menu! Man I could not complain further, for this cuteness overload place, I could say the price is moderate.


<menu 1>


Again I couldn’t tell any comment, despite their beverages, yeah for some of you maybe you could tell the hot tea was pricy, but slow down fellas, they used secret fuckin good import brand for it that you couldn’t found in any part of Indonesia except Surabaya (as far as I observed) and still the most wanted drink here.


<menu 2>


Three Bears already cooked for us, so let’s #bullyyourbelly!


Papa Bear’s Ice Coffee
>>IDR 31k

I must said honestly, this coffee was epic, you know in supermarket they had a bottle like it with a famous coffee brand and called it what the heck FLAPPUCINNO? Yeah this one nailed that one, similar taste but not too sweet, if you know what I mean, but honestly too, this menu is lil bit pricy, compare with another beverages that has a midrange twenty something IDR.



Rosti Benedict
>>IDR 34k

Cream of Creep, seems like all day brunch menu has been a blood virus injection for people all over the town, mashed up of 2 poached eggs, turkey bacon, and not forgetting the twin rosti, topped with hollandaise sauce, ahhh If you were a salt and crisp lover, I definitely will said you will have intimate feeling in your mouth! The rosti and bacon was bit overcooked but It was not an accident because they want to have it salty-crispy mode. I loved the blend of poached egg and hollandaise sauce, creamy little yummy!



Korean Wings
>>IDR 24k

Korean style glazy wings with special sauce, yeaaah special! I must said this is not special, but epic! Very similar with the one I tried in Seoul, man you nailed it perfectly, the chicken was perfectly cooked, the glazy special sauce also blend perfectly with the chicken. #Nocaptionneeded




Japanese Spaghetti
>>IDR 53k

Salmon vs Assorted mushroom vs seaweed? Yeah sometimes threesomes is good for your health, if you like sushi or seafood, you simply couldn’t resist it, the pasta was cooked well and definitely make your belly full, the topping blend quite good enough in my mouth, I love how the salmon egg mixed up with the pasta when it stirred, it simply crunchy yet wet in my mouth, and give a real deal seafood taste in my mouth, rawrr.


Korean BBQ Rice Burger
>>IDR 33k

Their signature dishes to #bullyyourbelly, contained of Korean BBQ beef, melted cheese, greens, served with rice and potato crisp. I fell in love with the crisp, with seaweed seasoning, I already ask the owner to make a jar special for me to accompany me watching TV in my boardinghouse, hopefully she heard my pray #fingercross. Skip that beat, the meat was perfectly cooked, little bit sweet, I don’t know what happened if I ate it not with rice, because for me the rice was the savior, it simply maximize the real temptation of the meat by neutralized the sweet and made my  bully bullied, perfect main course!




Strawberry Cheesecake Bing Soo
>>IDR 42k

Strawberry Cheesecake Bing Soo = ice crush + mochi + boba + milk pudding + strawberry chunks + nata de coco + tea jelly + cheese cake bites , lot of plus-plus huh? Yeah this wasn’t plus-plus spa, but definitely will made you had a pleasure beneath of it, especially in the three ways, one is their mochi, omg I love it since the first bite, if you have ate a branded frozen yogurt, you will feel the same. Second is their cheese cake! Honestly a misspell- factory of cheese cake in my hometown is nothing compared this, and the favorite Ciss one in this town also nothing, the cheese filling inside it is very rich of flavor, I’m not a big fan of cake but what could I do, somebody please bring it in my birthday! #hardcode. Third, the milky way of strawberry land when you spilled up the little jar of milk inside of it, simply tasted like strawberry milk, yummy!



After all, I’m really happy there’s a place like Three Bears Cafe in this town, it simply conjoint the culture of Japan and Korea in a plate, seems like a nostalgic moment to remember the last World Cup in Asia. The food and beverages was great, the price was okay, and the service was great. Last but not least the ambience, not great, but epic, perfect place for you to bring your date out #eeh. I just hope their keep improving their menu and try to combine Japan-Korea style in one plate! Let us help you to create #bullyyourbelly menu! #fingercross

So, what are you waiting for?

Come try and bullyyourbelly @ Three Bears Cafe! Godspeed!


Map of Paskal Hyper Square


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